Vintage Dollhouse Shop's mission is to spread mini joy

 My obsession with minis started young. I didn't have a dollhouse, but I was always captivated by the little world they created.

I still have a few of pieces from childhood:  a rug, a plastic sofa inherited from a cousin, and a bisque baby doll. I grew up and moved on and didn't think about miniatures for a very long time.

And then one day at a yard sale, a small box of old furniture caught my attention. It was casually thrown together and a few pieces were broken. It made me sad that something treasured for so many years was now on the side of the road for $5.

I felt compelled to save it, to appreciate these little pieces. That sparked my collection. 

After a tragedy I lost my home and my business and I began selling my collection.  I began to see that my passion for miniatures was even stronger when I sent a piece to a new home than when I acquired it. My purpose included saving these little pieces, some older than myself and getting them into good hands. 

That's why I started my shop over on Etsy for vintage miniatures and why I am expanding now onto my own website, to find new loving homes for the smallest of treasures.


Stacey Lynn